I have to admit, when I got an email from Susie Bright to work on this cover, it was one of those times I had to be sure it was who I thought it was. And it was. I’d just seen Annie Sprinkle give a talk at CMU and was thinking I’d sure like to work on one of her books, and I got the next best thing. This was a compilation of material from a column Susie and her daughter wrote for online magazine Jezebel and the trick was to have a sense of levity and playfulness without getting overly graphic. At the same time Susie’s about as progressive as you could get with imagery, so for one of the comps I thought I’d throw in some more graphic imagery while still keeping things on the cute level. I thought the bees doing birds idea was pretty clever but in the end Susie went for the Sex-Guide-From-The-Back-Of-An-Old-Girlie-Magazine treatment. She was great to work with, a real pleasure.