After leaving the Seattle Weekly and returning from New Zealand, I spent a number of months ungainfully unemployed remodeling a studio space I’d end up never using. I finally landed a job at Sasquatch books, a number of whose covers are on this blog, and after a few years decided after a bunch of unsatisfying personnel changes (like terminating a perfectly excellent Art Director and replacing them with a newly relocated one from Farrar, Straus and Giroux that was remarkable inept) that it was time to leave. I got scouted for an AD position at a new startup magazine called Seattle Metropolitan that hired not just me but my long-time associate William Quinby (this was the third job we’d worked together), and we promptly and gleefully gave notice together. I ended up working all the time, 70-80hrs a week, sick all the time, miserable and basically hating my life. I left after 8 months to live with my girlfriend at the time in NYC. This is a small sampling of the covers work I did.