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We had some nice-sized budgets, I can’t complain about that, but never enough staff to finish everything without killing ourselves. I think my favorite thing was getting infamous Seattle music scene photographer Charles Peterson to shoot a photo essay I came up with about the construction of the Seattle Light Rail project.

Occasionally I’d get a one page opener for a feature. My riff for the travel article on the old Steve McQueen/Ali MacGraw film elicited a few blank expressions.

Departments were designed on a modular concept, so you basically just plugged artwork into them, though it was fun hiring people out off the NYT’s op-ed page and book review section. I got some great local and national talent to do great things from me. I didn’t work on a magazine for almost five years until Pittsburgh Magazine called in 2011, wanting me to be their new AD. This is a rather fascinating story I’ll go into detail later on a future post.

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